I am an Applied Scientist at AWS AI Labs (Amazon), working on Natural Language Processing.

I've completed my PhD at Pompeu Fabra University (UPF) (2017-2022), under the supervision of Gemma Boleda. My PhD thesis "A Deep Learning Perspective on Linguistic Ambiguity" investigated the interaction between context and expression information in ambiguity resolution. I have studied both how deep learning models process linguistic ambiguities and how we can use these models to investigate questions about human comprehension and production of language. My work was part of the ERC project "AMORE: A distributional MOdel of Reference to Entities" (PI: Gemma Boleda) and I was a member of the UPF research group COLT (Computational Linguistics and Linguistic Theory).

Before starting the PhD, I obtained a BA in Digital Humanities from the University of Pisa (2012-2015) and a MSc in Logic from the University of Amsterdam (2015-2017). During this time, I carried out research on metaphors, referring expressions in dialogue and negated adjectives.